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Belts conveyors

Handling loose and packaged products within the premises of a company is one of the important aspects of the production cycle, which has to be dealt with making use of suitable and specifically designed tools, especially when food products are involved.
To handle these types of products, PRO-TECH ITALIA, thanks to its many years of experience in this sector, has developed a wide range of belt transport system, with many variants.
The OMEGA series, thanks its raised edge channel, is especially suited to convey loose products on medium and long distances with no losses, even with small-size products such as powders or granular materials.
The ETA series, thanks to its flat carrying channel (which can be equipped with restraining sills) is the cheapest and most versatile version and is suited for any use, especially on medium and short distances; it can carry, depending on the version considered, loose products of various size as well as products packaged
in boxes or bags.
The conveyors of the ETA series can be equipped with belts fitted with transversal strips to allow transporting loose materials upwards, with angles up to 30°.
The FLEXI series is characterised by the use of modular plastics belts, which are available in a wide range of versions: with flat or perforated surface, with longitudinal sides, with transversal strips, anti-skid with rubber inserts.
The FLEXI series is suitable for a very large range of applications: from medium to large size loose food products, to medium to large size boxes and objects, to wet, sticky or hot bjects.
FLEXI series conveyors are especially suited for use in sectors where high levels of hygiene are required and where water jet washing is envisaged.
FLEXI conveyors, moreover, are suited for carrying a broad range of products travelling on mixed paths: flat, upwards, downwards, bends, etc.
All the conveyors of the OMEGA, ETA and FLEXI series can be made of powder-painted metal sheets or of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel; conveyor belts are available in many sizes, from 300 to 1200 mm wide.
All the belt conveyors are built in compliance with the European regulations concerning operator safety and work hygiene.