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PRO-Tech Italia Engineering & machineries for food industry | semi automatic lines for short and long cut pasta PPC - PPL - PPM


Short - Long - Combined pasta press

Reliability, ease of use, minimum maintenance, high levels of hygiene are some of the important characteristics of the press in the PPC - PPL and PPM series, which in combination with the extremely high quality of the produced pasta represent an ideal machine for any pasta factory.
The press are available with round heads (for short and sheet pasta), linear heads (for spaghetti) and combined heads (with dual in line heads for the alternate production of short pasta or spaghetti).
Each press has a volumetric semolina dosing system, dual-screw dosing system for additives, water/additional liquid dispenser pump and flow meter, centrifuge pre-mixer, main blade mixer (atmosphere) and vacuum mixer bowl. The extrusion unit is equipped with compression screw that has a special profile that ensures high output, eliminating all mechanical and thermal stress to the dough, combined with circular die head (for short and sheet pasta) or linear head (for long pasta); the cylinder and head are equipped with separate air conditioning systems.
In the short cut pasta press the automatic cutter is fixed to the head (without occupying space on the floor), equipped with hydraulic lifting/lowering, ventilation in the cutting area; the cutting unit also makes it simple to rotate the head 180° to make it easier to access the head/die and drain the machine, simplifying machine
maintenance and cleaning and simplifying the insertion of cutting machines.
The press has a main electric panel on the ground and a remote panel on the extruder bridge, both equipped with an operator touch-panel for the completely automatic management of the production phases and the management of the production recipes.