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Buckets elevators and conveyors

The ALFA-1 bucket lifter meets the many different transport and lifting requirements of food industries, ensuring the utmost degree of efficiency and hygienic quality.
The high attributes of the ALFA-1 lifter, as regards to reliability, strength and ease of use, make it the ideal equipment to be installed in process lines, silo plant loaders and feeders for continuous or packaging systems.
In addition to the ALFA-1, are available: the BETA1, a horizontal bucket conveyor, and the DELTA-1 for loop and complex shape layouts; the availability of all these versions, as well as the possibility of combining them, means that there are no practical limits to the possible uses of these machines.
The load-bearing structure consists of bolted modular elements, so as to obtain a structure that is both light and stiff and stable, capable of preventing the stagnation of dusts inside the machine.
The transport system is based on two chains made of high-tensile steel, simultaneously pre-stretched to ensure the perfect alignment of the buckets; the adopted type of chains ensures long duration, continuous smooth operation and reduced use of power.
The chains travel on guides made of self-lubrication plastic material inserted in aluminium casings; this type of assembly is stable and safe with any load and at any speed, and by covering the chains it ensures a high hygienic level of the transport under any condition.
Product carrying buckets are available in several models 300, 500 or 700 mm wide, for the versions made of: food-grade ABS resin or food grade ABS resin and AISI 304 stainless steel net and metal detectable food-grade ABS resin.
Buckets made of AISI 304 stainless steel are also available in the following widths: 300; 500; 700; 900; 1000 mm.
Product loading into the buckets takes place with no losses, thanks to the full overlapping between the edges of the buckets and to the sealing skids, which perfectly seal the sides of the loading area.
The motors of the lifters are equipped with a mechanical clutch with an electronic monitoring probe as overload protection.
On every machine it is possible to install many fixed or servo-controlled unloading points at any desired location, and – thanks to the 360° rotation of the buckets – product unloading is always complete, even with light or non-slippery products.